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Blue has a few different meanings. A color, made a blue, had a blue, got the blues, singin’ the blues, the sky is soooo blue……. and it is the color of my new Salomon Trail Running Ambassador gear that arrived this week.


Got a bit more tread than the Asics GT2000

During the week the family and I were heading out to Silvan for a recon of the course for the upcoming Silvan 21km Salomon trail run. Had I stopped at the post office to pick up a parcel on the way to Silvan I could have worn my new gear, done some promo work with the shirt and tested those Salomon Crossrace3 shoes for grip. That will have to be next week now.

The kids and mum were going to walk for 1.5 hours while I would head out and run for 1.5 hours. A great plan that had everyone covered.

I’ve mountain biked most of these trails years ago when my vision was better so am reasonably familiar with the area. I’ve also run a lot of these trails. The course I ran covers the first section and round about what is the 8km loop for the 21km. I say round about as I’m not sure I was on the exact track at all times but was pretty close.

You can check out my run on this link

The course has a great mix of double track, single track with ferns crossing over both sides, logs over track sections, holes & water ruts, steps and a couple of small slippery timber bridges and of course the hills.

From an RP point of view I’ve gotta lookout for those logs. And those steps of invisibility that you can’t see from one direction but are as clear as anything from the other. It’s an RP thing……

Next week l’ll take my GoPro camera and video some sections. Stay tuned.

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So what is Running in a reduced field: Retinitis Pigmentosa and this blog all about?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is commonly referred to as RP, much easier to say. What is RP? Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is an inherited, degenerative condition that affects the retina – the light-sensitive part of the eye. The retina consists of millions of light-sensitive photoreceptor cells, which transmit light to the brain via the optic nerve. RP causes some photoreceptor cells to fade gradually and die, losing the ability to transmit visual messages to the brain. RP usually begins to affect people in their teenage years. Most people with RP experience gradual peripheral vision loss (or “tunnel vision”). They also have difficulties seeing at night or in areas with poor illumination. Central vision is usually unaffected, so the person may still be able to read. However, this can also deteriorate and eventually lead to total blindness. Sourced from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Click on this link for more detail

RP is with me all the time, I have lots of visual noise, similar to a TV that is not tuned into a station, it is an overlay to everything I see. In darkness it is most obvious to me and less so in daylight. With 20 degrees of peripheral vision I constantly scan, memorising my surrounds to make a complete picture. My central vision is reasonable although there are a some patchy spots. I have cataracts in both eyes. The functional implications of RP on me is detailed on my web page.

Essentially this blog is about one aspect of my life and running, and the influence of RP on this. I have a web page almost completed that has more of the permanent information about this, some more detail on RP and me, some things I’ve done and going to do, a video of an RP simulation of a trail run I do often. Importantly the main aim of this blog and web page is, by sharing an aspect of my life this may then inspire others to try something unexpected, uniquely challenging to themselves and share with the world.

Checkout my RP simulation video on either link, some feedback would be great.
Vimeo – Onetree Hill RP simulated trail run.
YouTube –Onetree Hill RP simulated trail run.
Web page will be up soon. (Now up at)
Photos and updates on my events are in progress. Next will likely be about being a Bitumen is Boring Ambassador in the Salomon Trail Series Silvan event.

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