Something interesting that I noticed recently now that it’s Christmas and there’s lights and things up.

This wont be news to those with RP and some others, it’s not really news to me but just hightlighted what’s actually going on.

While I’ve been sitting on the couch opposite these lights in our window I found that when I looked directly at one particular light (circled red) it would disappear along with afew others. When I looked just to the side magically it would appear again.  See these photos below for a very rough simulation.

i don’t see the whole image as shown but have left it as is because to crop it down would make it hard to illustrate the point.

This happens when reading also, letters come and go but when just looking around I don’t really notice it much. Also explains why I can be looking for something right in front of me for ages but never find it until I walk away.