We don’t want your sympathy, just your understanding

Pretty much sums it up here…..


RP patients are mostly not blind yet. We look “normal”, no white cane, our vision is just less.

  • When we tell you we have RP, we don’t want your sympathy, just your understanding.
  • We have dark blindness. When we said we can’t go if it is at night, no, is not because we don’t like you. We like you so much that we know your house and my house are really far, so I don’t want you to go through the hassle to bring me home late at night.
  • Please, do not leave the cabinet door open or anything on the floor. Our vision is tunnel vision. We are really sorry to the doggies or cats we accidentally step on. We love animals! I knocked on this sign in public lots of time. Yes, we developed ability to laugh at ourselves, but please don’t judge us as clumsy.
  • When we…

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It’s not the globe that’s blown it’s the rods & cones.

Something interesting that I noticed recently now that it’s Christmas and there’s lights and things up.

This wont be news to those with RP and some others, it’s not really news to me but just hightlighted what’s actually going on.

While I’ve been sitting on the couch opposite these lights in our window I found that when I looked directly at one particular light (circled red) it would disappear along with afew others. When I looked just to the side magically it would appear again.  See these photos below for a very rough simulation.

i don’t see the whole image as shown but have left it as is because to crop it down would make it hard to illustrate the point.

This happens when reading also, letters come and go but when just looking around I don’t really notice it much. Also explains why I can be looking for something right in front of me for ages but never find it until I walk away.

Running 50km will not be the hardest thing I’ll do….

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That’s Not A Cola!

Well I reckon this could happen to anyone. My wife laughs as she takes a photo ” …you don’t think it was your eyes!” she says still laughing taking  photo, rushing to post on Facebook.


I’d grabbed a mineral water cola from the fridge, filled a glass with heaps of ice, poured the cola in, not really taking much notice. But something was odd, it was more foamy and the bubbles just weren’t going down. As I took a swig from the bottle it hit me, that’s not cola it’s beer!

Could this happen to anyone?

Nepal update 2

A couple more photos and video from Nepal. Double click for the full image and description. I am now waiting at KL airport about to head home.


Nepal update

Here’s a snapshot of our Nepal trip. Isn’t technology amazing, I am posting this from Khopra Ridge 3650m in a whiteout, power is from solar and battery. Great views expected tomorrow morning as should be clear. There is also a Yak farm up here, 200 Yaks in total. Got some good photos for next post. Plenty of rats as welll!!

Nepal September 2013

imageWell we have now started on our trip to Nepal. Leaving from Melbourne we will stop overnight at Kuala Lumpur then onto Kathmandu Nepal.

From Kathmandu we’ll be heading off to Pokhara then a few interesting villages west of the Annapurna’s.

You can follow our trip on this TrackMyTour linK Click here to TrackMyTour!

Keep checking back on this link over the next few weeks to see the interesting places we go. image

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